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Bid27 Art Auctions was a partner company of Think Tank Gallery for its first two years, run by an award-winning auctioneer named Mark Schustrin and his partner Mark Priceman, who I met over a coffee on the porch of our COFFEEGRAPH installation. We hosted four auctions with them, tapping into local, international, and Think Tank talent to expose rising artists to new collectors. 

Think Tank Gallery helped brand manage for them, produced and managed social media and visual content including video, and helped direct some programming. We also helped design their website and write content about the artists. 



Click here to open our branding package by  Aurelia Friedland .

Click here to open our branding package by Aurelia Friedland.

The Think Tank also built a few sponsorship proposals for Bid27. From alcohol sponsors to framing partners and generally when reaching out to collectors, media or artists, the Think Tank aimed to take what Bid27 does best and make it easily consumable.

The Think Tank assisted in refining the name, slogan, brand voice, and logo for Bid27, and you can see the study created by Aurelia Friedland in the deck to the right. 

Programming direction has also been an important part of the Bid27 brand, taking the auction platform and creating a scaffolding of lectures, private dinners, and mixers from which to pull new collectors. This was all considered in the branding of Bid27. 

Check out the a pitch to Angel City Brewery here, one to our framing partner Sherman McNulty here, and the onesheet on Bid27 here (all created by my partner Patrick Nissim), see our initial brand kit to the right, and look at the brand's installation guidelines we created below. 



Bid27 is inspired by Gertrude Stein's 27 La Rue, a salon that brought together artists, philosophers, poets, and thinkers of all kinds to be exposed to brand new ideas and inspirations. As such, the brand was looking to present its work in a salon style without making it difficult to see – and to sell. Enter the "salon-style cluster," a hanging style that the Think Tank used under Bid27 direction. 

The hanging style is meant to achieve symmetry and storytelling at once. It also allows for an artist to be taken in all at the same time. One can imagine building a collection of this work immediately upon viewing, and since the work is all ready to be picked up and brought home, this is certainly possible. It's not perfect for every Bid27 event, but it is useful in many situations.

Works are hung with tones, colors, line, size, and more taken into consideration, and arranged from one artist to the next as such. For a representation of each install from our most recent auction, check out the associated catalog from the show by clicking here, and a video from our first auction below. 

Bid27 Art Auctions Promo Produced by Think Tank Gallery
Created by Co-Director Patrick Nissim