If there is one thing of which I am guilty, it's that I am constantly doin' too much. Both in the "bruh, calm down; you doin' too much!" overzealous kinda way, and the never-enough-time-for-shit kinda way because I have so many projects under way at all times. 

I take pride in finding the things that I find, and the artists I follow, and even the people that I know. But all that shit kinda lives all over the place, so I want to put it all somewhere. And I might as well share it while I'm at it.

I thought about doing it on my Twitter but a newsletter is a much better way to keep in touch. So, here I am. I might make it weekly, I might make it bi-monthly, I might have no regular schedule. Probably that one tbh.

It will definitely have a recap of stuff I've done that I never shared properly, really far back throwbacks, stuff I like at the moment, opinions on whatever I am consuming at any given time, podcasts I am doing, press I've gotten, things my gallery is doing, what I'm reading and watching, new things that I find, and general projects I am working on. Sketchbook Sundays would be nice to share again. Maybe I'll have stuff for sale as well? And who knows, maybe I will start writing again, in blog form.

Anyway, I need a reason to capture my thoughts. Here I am giving myself one.