Think Tank Gallery Presents: RITUAL – A Gallery-Wide Installation by Allison "Hueman" Torneros (2013) almost fits more into the general programming director stuff of the page on my position at Think Tank Gallery than it does as a full page, but there is a lot of great content from the show, so here it is.

Muralist Allison "Hueman" Torneros had been working at Think Tank Studios for years when she conceptualized this show, and asked me what I thought about hosting her floor-to-ceiling, gallery-wide installation. It came at the perfect time, since our production company owner, John Kennamann, had just executively-produced his final show for us, leaving us on our own after that. That show, too, was a gallery-wide installation, so Allison simply painted right over it. 

I should note that I did little in the way of production on this show in particular. Our job was to open the doors to Allison, and let her handle everything exactly as she wanted, and she exploded creatively into the gallery and online. Setting Allison up for success, coordinating schedules, helping with cleanup and arranging the gallery, organizing painting teams and so on – these were my general tasks leading up to the opening of RITUAL. Still, a 13,500 sq ft warehouse is a massive space to cover in paint, fill with people, and then clean from, and to add to that Allison had done this project after taking residence with a large list of creatives (the Think Tank hosted a beautiful video by Patrick Nissim that got tons of press about this process, above), so I did what I could to help her promote the show and get the doors open. 

Providing some marketing assistance and getting a ton of people to the opening, assisting with general event production, and keeping things safe were my main contributions to the show, and as this is still the Think Tank's most widely-covered event to date, it was an overall success, in complete thanks to Allison lending us her vision, talent, and energy.



RITUAL Facebook Banner created by Hueman

Allison didn't really sleep. She painted around the clock for many days in a row. The recap video by LA Canvas below was shot after she had been up for multiple nights straight, though you'd never know it. In order to pull the whole thing together into a cohesive show, I assisted in terms of branding much more toward assistance in pulling Allison's idea together rather than pulling together a list of sponsors, like usual. Indeed, Allison and her manger landed aerosol and drink sponsors without my help.

Brandon "Monk" Muñoz, who had until then helped with three of our previous shows, once again created the star on the top of the Christmas tree, with his interactive Mayan-pyramid-inspired slide, painted with Hueman imagery. Many collaborations took place, including a smoke-machine and sound-sensitive light installation that went along to the music for the after party that I installed in the slide, a collaborative mural with VYAL, and a site-responsive performance of "Shiela" by the Ate9 Dance Company – who had worked with me before – that I helped coordinate. Examples of these elements tying together the idea of creative ritual can be found in the images to the right, and the recap video below.

Again, completely to Allison's credit, this show has a ton coverage that lives all across the internet, so check out a few of the links below for more on the exciting exhibit. 


RITUAL recap video by LA Canvas