This is all the stuff that doesn't fit into a major "project," above.

When we started we were building walls and camping in the Think Tank without hot water or electricity, but since then I've done everything from create the graphic art for the logo, to define the brand's voice, to beginning its online reach (we are up 371% in a year, to about 22,000 followers now across our social, and are starting a podcast and lecture series). 

I've gone from janitor to creative director and back again since we started in June 2010 and this page summarizes my programming and brand direction. (which I edit)


A video on the Think Tank's history through 2012 by Arnaud Delente

What is Think Tank Gallery? KICKSTARTER VIDEO

The Think Tank is an alternative space in every sense of the word – hosting dance parties, workshops, music video shoots and art shows all within its 13,500 sq ft space floating above the Santee Alley Shopping Neighborhood. This video gives a good idea of what that means visually. 

While the campaign to repair our floors ultimately failed, this crowdfunding became our best opportunity to finely tune what our audiences expected out of us, and guide the things we were trying to get across into a more consumable package.

It also provided the first worldwide glimpse into the entire creative space and the variety of uses we get out of it. Well, almost... we didn't show the back third of private studio spaces. 



The owner of Think Tank Productions helped cast Spike TV's furniture-building competition reality show "Framework," and a bunch of the makers from this show made their way to the gallery for a one night pop-up show donated by our owner. 

The show was curated and presented by furniture maker Jason Radcliffe, owner of 44 Steel, who in 2009 founded Cleveland’s annual design show called F*SHO. After competing in the first season of “Framework,” Radcliffe decided to bring the contemporary furniture show to Los Angeles, alongside some contestants from HGTV's "Ellen's Design Challenge" and our Israeli designer from Queen George, and our friend Brandon "Monk," who made tons of our installations.

I wrote a cute piece on F*SHO here, our pop-up was featured in the  and KCRW's 5 Best Things to Do in Design & Architecture, Jason sat down with InsideOut Cleveland, and a bunch of the artists were interviewed for California Home Design.

Check out the press release here




Amygdala Mandala teaser video by Patrick Nissim

Think Tank Gallery Presents Paul Santoleri – Amygdala Mandala (2013)

This was the final show that our owner executively produced before setting me on my way toward sponsor city, investing a few thousand dollars of funding in addition to the grant that Paul landed to pay for materials.

Paul turned the entire space into a giant sculpture of the inside of a brain, with the body of the person visitors were walking into spreading around the walls of his gallery-wide installation and mural. 

Check it out in KCET – 14 Shows to See, and a couple of interviews with Paul here



REPRESENT video recap by Neema Sadeghi


Think Tank Gallery Presents REPRESENT – A Group Exhibition (2012)

Laguna College of Art and Design representative Christian Ramirez had spent a lot of time escaping the clutches of the school's reputation as a dojo for representational painters, and he wanted to go somewhere outside of Laguna to curate an art show about the diversity of the school's talent. 

While he had long gone outside of this box to curate artists (LCAD or not) onto his popular blog, Ramirez hadn't curated a physical show yet. Taking artists who had either rejected or carried their representational painting from LCAD into whatever they were currently working through, Ramirez selected a handful of LCAD alums to put on REPRESENT, with a title full of entendre.

It was our first guest-curated show, and it was a high-class affair. Check out Christian's blog here and a review by COMUNE here



Make Art Make Friends recap video by Corey Cady

Make Art Make Friends – Curated by Shplinton at Think Tank Gallery (2012)

While not quite a full-on Think Tank Gallery Presents exhibition, Make Art Make Friends was a show that saw many of the same artists we have shown in some of our other shows, like CHILLED AIR and Dude, Monsters!

The show was curated by longtime Think Tank-homie Shplinton as a sort of birthday celebration, and even saw a bit of press


   Crowds enjoying the  101 Vagina  exhibit.


Crowds enjoying the 101 Vagina exhibit.

101 Vagina (2013)

To begin his book tour, Phillip Werner took his 101 Vagina to Los Angeles, utilizing our gallery for the first stop in North America. 

The show caused a bit of controversy, but was very insightful and tastefully presented, and we didn't get a single complaint from any visitor once they put in the time to unwrap the stories associated with the pure presentation of vagina portraits. 

Check out the coverage by LA Weekly and the Examiner, and Philip's site on the project



Flyer for the Hoobs Glass Art Show by Patrick Nissim


Since the beginning of 2014, Think Tank Gallery has welcomed its first showroom into the communal space – the traveling glass gallery of Honeydrop. 

Beginning with a show by the incredible Hoobs, Think Tank is now fully partnered with Honeydrop Glass Gallery, hosting a drop by Saki Bomb and another by Rob Morrison in collaboration with Superchief Gallery

We expect the relationship to blossom into some exciting exhibitions. See more of Honeydrop Glass Gallery here



Flyer for a Chessboxing event the Think Tank by Patrick Nissim


The Think Tank has served as a location for a weird residency by LA's most interesting chess club. Run by the diversely talented and equally intense Andrew McGregor, the Think Tank's Chessboxing events have been featured in LA Weekly's People 2014, NY Times, and Sports Illustrated

Collaborating with the RZA, TEDx, and more, we expect our future co-productions with McGregor to be even more exciting than they were in the past. Don't believe me, just watch:


Thief Presents Concert Series

Starting with their Psychotropic Summer shows, the Think Tank began a long relationship with Thief Presents that turned into an artist residency by its founder. 

Many shows went down, often as a part of programming of larger art exhibits, and always collaborative. Some of the most memorable nights in Think Tank history were provided by Thief Presents, and a lot of the audience and aesthetic of the space were decided at these parties. 

See some of the flyers from Thief shows at the Think Tank below, and the biggest Thief party ever at our space as a part of the COFFEEGRAPH recap, and a recap of the massive Psycho De Mayo festival created by the Think Tank co-director here. Also check out some coverage of Thief at the Think Tank here, here, and here


Thief Presents - A Psychotropic Summer Vol. 2. 


Clips from Moon Block Party's Desert Daze festivals and Thief Presents: Psycho De Mayo and Psychotropic Summer series.



NGUZUNGUZU entire performance at Boiler Room at Think Tank Gallery


If you know Boiler Room, you're probably one of those hip underground kids that knows how to find your way into all the best RSVP-only parties and knows how to pronounce NGUZUNGUZU, the DJ that performed when the live streaming dance party visited our space.

And you probably know why, despite the fact that we've only worked with them once, we are particularly proud to put this notch in our belt. 



Featured as one of the artists followed by Hueman for her RITUAL exhibit at the Think Tank, world-renown bgirl Jeskilz has been working with the Think Tank yearly ever since. 

Her Cypher Adikts crew hosts an anniversary showcase in our space every January, and features various elements of hip hop, from DJing to bboying, to graffiti and live emceeing. Check out a photo recap of the 2014 event here and our coverage in the Weekly from LA Canvas.


Flyer for Cyhper Adikts' 3 Year Anniversary at the Think Tank



Creative Mornings – Vans Reps Steve Van Doren and Fara Howard (complete lecture)

Creative Mornings Los Angeles

Creative Mornings is my favorite event series in Los Angeles, and the chance to work with the brand through loaning our space was an opportunity I jumped at.

The facts that the Ambassador of Fun from Vans was speaking (a company that kicked off my career in the arts), and that they were giving away a free pair of shoes to every guest, and that we could continue our relationship with Stumptown... these were all icing on the cake. Watch the entire lecture to the left. 



Teaser video for Asylum 2013

Assembly Line Collective Art Shows & Parties

ALC has been throwing shows with us for years. From their huge musical showcases at NYE and Halloween parties (check them out as LA Canvas' most-hyped Halloween event) back when we used to throw raves, to showcases of their visual talent like The Decade – their 10 year anniversary exhibit.

ALC is a brand with which we are excited to work more in the future, and expect some exciting collaborations, like in their 2015 photography showcase



Reign Morton captures the feeling of the Love Mob well. 

The Love Mob Presents – THE BEATDOWN

You'll see more Love Mob stuff when you scroll down to my various event management gigs, but I have to include this video here because, like Creative Mornings above, the BEATDOWN is one of the best and most positive free events in Los Angeles. 

And the reason why having a beautiful alternative arts space in the middle of the second-biggest city in the country is a valuable thing to have is because you can support beautiful people who are making things like this happen. Watch the video to the left of Reign Morton commanding the damn crowd to see what I mean. 


Assorted Videos Shot on Site


"Official Music Video for Krucial - Slime" by Lonnie Francisco



"PROXY: A Slenderman Story" by Mike Diva 


"Meridian" by Mystery Guitar Man
Start from the beginning: 



"The Mini Boss" by Corridor Digital


"Dahrio Wonder – I Surrender" by Ella Camellia



"The After Party" by Neema Sadeghi


"Cyborg Beatdown" by Mike Diva


"Love Bizarre" by Vassy


"BFD" by Mike Diva



These are some videos for the Think Tank's location package, showing off what we've built into our space, all shot on a fancy camera getup. Tell your location scout friends to rent from us. 


Our diner is available for filming, photography, pop-up restaurants, and parties. It features customizable hue lights, commercial appliances, and Bob's Big Boy style diner booths.

Think Tank Gallery: Main Gallery and Project Room (coming soon)

Think Tank Gallery: Dark Lodge (coming soon)

Think Tank Gallery: Rooftop (coming soon)


Click through these other bookings I've managed.

These are flyers for a few of my gigs in event management and coordinating. Renting the space has been our bread and butter, with major shows being the passion projects, as you'd expect. Click one to expand.